CEI has a long history of successfully completed water resource projects. We have designed award winning stormwater management projects, modeled domestic water supply networks, and engineered wastewater treatment systems of all sizes. Whether a client needs a set of drainage rules revised, plans reviewed, or a million-dollar storm sewer project designed, they can trust us because we have “been there and done that”. If a Wellhead Protection Program, a Water Reliability Study, or a water main extension is needed, we can offer the kind of experience you deserve to get the job done. When it comes to wastewater collection and treatment, CEI has not only engineered typical systems, but we have also designed many alternative facilities. Gravity sewer, lift stations, lagoons, constructed wetlands, and pressurized subsurface effluent application are among the things that we can design for our clients.

Transportation related engineering is a daily task for CEI. We have engineered multiple road improvements using federal transportation funds that require DOT management. We frequently design road extensions and road widening projects using our computer design software and AASHTO criteria. Subdivision road design is common at our firm along with road drainage systems. Small bridge design and maintenance related bridgework recommendations are included in what we offer. Whether you need a resurfacing project engineered or a new by-pass designed we can offer our services.

When it comes to dealing with Environmental Agencies, hiring CEI can be your best decision. We have successfully obtained permits to mitigate destroyed wetlands and fill in floodplains. We have even prepared a feasibility report for a wetlands banking program. CEI can delineate most wetlands and can design new wetlands. Whatever your needs for water resources, we have a solution for you.

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