Transportation Engineering for Efficient Movement

When roadwork needs transportation engineering, Civil Engineers Inc. can help. Getting from point A to point B efficiently is often taken for granted but is critical to our economy. However, there are often instances where water resources must be considered with the planning of a roadway. CEI helps roadwork companies to find the best engineered solution to cross these resources where they occur in a way that does not interrupt other aspects of the resource, such as where the water drains, travels, and more.

Our Transportation Services

Civil Engineers Inc. can engineer projects and apply for the multiple funding programs that exist to help you with transportation responsibilities. Whether you need assistance managing your existing pavement, or need a new road system engineered, we can do that. If your road crosses a stream, CEI can cost effectively design structures that are built to last and consider the water that is present. Some of our services include:

  • Local Road Agency Projects
  • Pavement Management Consulting
  • Small Bridges
Our Transportation Services
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