Civil Engineering Handles Stormwater Management

Civil Engineers Inc. works with multiple agencies in charge of managing surface water flow to assist them with stormwater management. In this, we perform flow modeling and design stormwater management systems of all sizes. Our team is experienced in dealing with various projects to assist with stormwater management. For each, we include low impact designs, where practical, and use innovative designs to solve smaller issues that pop up every time there is heavy rain. When you face problems with stormwater that you can’t find a solution to, count on CEI to help you work through them.

Our Stormwater Services

Civil Engineers provides a variety of stormwater management services to ensure no damage or problems occur when too much rain falls during heavy storms. Water can often cause a serious threat if not maintained properly, so CEI provides services for stormwater management projects both big and small. Some of our services include:

  • County Drain Engineering
  • Intercounty Drain Engineering
  • Flood Modeling/Abatement
  • Storm Sewer Improvements
  • Low Impact Development Design
  • Innovative Small Problem Solutions
Out Stormwater Services
Civil Engineers