Assistant Project Engineer

Assistant Project Engineers here at CEI help assist engineers with project development both in the office and in the field. They possess technical skills in drafting and design, field surveying, and construction engineering. They support the Project Engineer’s completion of their work in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Minimum Qualifications:

Bachelor Degree in Engineering

General Characteristics:

A typical CEI Assistant Project Engineers is a competent person that works well with others and is a “team player.” They are able to take direction from Project Engineers, and independently perform routine engineering tasks in an efficient manner. They are able to develop typical project drawings and specifications, can manage survey work successfully, and can perform on-site construction engineering duties for routine projects.

Direction Received:

Independently performs routine project work with instructions as to daily/weekly results expected. Receives guidance on non-routine problems and supervisory approval on individual work tasks involving technical work.

Typical Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Computer drafting, topographic data collection, project manual processing, construction staking, and Resident Project Representative duties (inspection).
  • Receive direction from Project Engineers, perform their work, and have it reviewed by the Project Engineer.
  • Know standard design and construction engineering “rule of thumbs.”
  • Completely familiar with computer software pertaining to their projects.

Civil Engineers, Inc. is looking for a quality individual with technical background to provide design and construction engineering support to increase our efficiency. This will allow us to grow and increase our service area. Drafting and design skills are important, as well as a desire to work outdoors as part of the typical work week. Currently most of our work is in water resources including a significant amount of stormwater management design. We also engineer road projects for Villages and small Cities.

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